4th Andalucia Excellent Awards

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2 May, 2017

4th Andalucia Excellent Awards

Last 29th of September the 4th Andalucia Excellent Awards was celebrated in Seville, where our company was awarded in the Innovative Technology category.

The aim of this event was to recognise the activity done by profesionals and companies which contribute so much in different areas in the progress and improvement of Andalucia.

During this acknowledgment, the organizing institutuion let to know the importance of companies like IRCONFORT to the development of his business and the adaptation to the modern society needs.

In our case, how IRCONFORT has found a efficient heat system based on far infrared emitter as well as a dehydratation system solutions also based on far infrared emitters.

With the mentioned award, IRCONFORT shows that we work day after day to achieve the best in our products in order to find solutions for our society, both home comfort and agri-food.

The entities and agri-food companies are getting more and more interested and excited with our dryer machines.

They are taking into account the importance of find a solution to wasted food or the need of save energy in the current heater systems used.


You will find the complete piece of news of the 4th Andalucia Excellent Awards in the following digital newspaper ( in Spanish):