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14 October, 2017

4th Andalucia Excellent Awards

Last 29th of September the 4th Andalucia Excellent Awards was celebrated in Seville, where our company was awarded in the Innovative Technology category. The aim of this event was to recognise the activity done by profesionals and companies which contribute so much in different areas in the progress and improvement of Andalucia. […]
2 May, 2017

Upcoming Events

In next months, IRCONFORT will attend to different events around Europe. In such events we will show our dehydrators and its results, the benefits of drying with FIR emitters or the amount of potential applications in food.
29 March, 2017

New Model IRCDi20

Due to the good acceptance of our FIR emitters dehydrator for the fruit and vegetables sector, we have design and manufactured a new dehydrator machine, to achieve a higher capability as well as a better handling of the trays. In our variety of dehydratos, we may distinguish between medium-low capability (IRCDi3 & […]
3 February, 2017

Radio Report “En Hora Sur”

The Radio Program “En Hora Sur” devoted a few minutes to know and to share with listeners information about IRCONFORT. The report is an interview to Eugenio Sánchez, the CEO of IRCONFORT, who explains how our own rtechnology works with the FIR (Far InfraRed) emitters as well as possible dehydration applications. You […]