Far infrared

What is it?

Infrared (IR) is an energy transmission form, present naturally in life. There are 3 kinds and our products work with Far IR (FIR). Most frequent human use is medical to recover from medical injuries and beauty treatments, closely followed by saunas and heating systems. Fir propagates thermal radiant energy, that absorbed by bodies transforms into heat.

This use is less know to the public. It mimics sun effect, at a lower scale and without UVA or UVB rays. The experience is a much more natural heat.


Obsolete air heating systems can be substituted by our optimized, low consumption system that saves costs by not heating the whole ambient, but only the bodies and reduces noises and maintenance.

Further more, our technology slightly purifies air, thanks to a smooth ionization effect, and considerably helps to maintain a clean ambient, without drying the air and with a minimum temperature difference between ceiling and ground.


Agro Industry

  • Fruit and vegetable dehydrators.
  • Grain Dryers
  • POULTRY and pig FARMS.
  • Wellness for animal farms (horses, dogs, rabbits).


  • Integral House heating systems.
  • Personalized designs for hotels and institutions.
  • Specially design systems for baths and kitchens.
  • Office integrated heating implementations.
  • Under table plaques for home and professional use.
  • Pilates and Hot yoga installations.


  • Hot food tables for buffets and restaurants.
  • Cinema and theater seat heating systems
  • Outside and terrace heating systems for bars and restaurants.
  • Endothermic drying booths, for cars and wet paint products .
  • Industrial work-posts heating systems.
Comparative chart of heating systems (same installation)
Heating systemPower WSaving %Consumption €Saving %Installation costMaintenance cost
GAS15.2700 %181,79 €0 %Very HighHigh
GASOIL15.0001,77 %174,30 €4,12 %Very highHigh
Heat pump12.20020,10 %114,06 €37,26 %HighMedium
Electric radiator11.50024,69 %113,08 €37,80 %LowLow
INFRARED7.68949,65 %64,40 €64,57 %LowNone

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