New Model IRCDi20

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3 February, 2017
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2 May, 2017

New Model IRCDi20

Due to the good acceptance of our FIR emitters dehydrator for the fruit and vegetables sector, we have design and manufactured a new dehydrator machine, to achieve a higher capability as well as a better handling of the trays.

In our variety of dehydratos, we may distinguish between medium-low capability (IRCDi3 & IRCDi8 Models), with an easy handling of the trays, medium-high capability of production (IRCDi5 Model) and high capability (IRCDi17 Model).

IRCDi17 Dehydrator Model

We went further, and we have manufactured a dehydrator which allows more amount of product, but with and comfortable design to handle it.

The new IRCDi20 model is formed by 2 sections with 10 trays and 11 FIR emitters each, which can be setting independently. In this way, we reduce the height, but with an increase of capability.

The control of each FIR emitter is achieved with a Programmable Logic Controller.

The size of each FIR emitters is 900 x 1750 mm.