For private houses or new developments, where a high efficiency, easy control, low maintenance, heating system is required. Obsolete systems by air flow heat inefficiently. FIR systems heat bodies and reduce costs.

Easy to install and virtually free of maintenance, as there are no moving parts. When used in protected interiors we offer a 10 year guarantee.

No gas refills, no filter cleaning, no periodical revisions. Reduces odors and helps to purify ambients. Noiseless and very safe, won’t hinder and disturb spaces, can be used in combination with other systems.

We build plaques that can be placed underneath tables, on ceilings, on exteriors and that can be tailored in form, size and color, exclusively to match your house decoration.


Our products are design to give enough and only the necessary heat in business and offices, thus saving energy power.

In exposition galleries, commercial areas, in Armstrong ceiling, separated by areas, ultra thin or attached, possibilities are endless.

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This system of heating based on Far Infrared Emitters can be used for offices, desk or any kind of table.

The consumption of this product is extremely low, but with an excelent perfomance.

Perfect to replace conventional heating systems.

Energy saving over the 80% compared with conventional heaters.

Reactivate blood circulation.

No risk of burns or fire.

Easy to install.



Easy to implement on any existing installations, as plates are allocated on frontal seats backs and control systems underneath. Increases thermic comfort in spectators. Dramatically reduces costs of heating, up to 90%.Thanks to the FIR technology by Irconfort, only occupied seats are active, reducing the cost of heating the whole theater for a few customers.No thermic differences in the theater, as air is not heated anymore.

Remotely controlled by proprietary system (SEATCONTROL), which automatically selects and activates the plates depending on parameters such; time to be used (with on demand pre heating times), temperature comfort, sold tickets (thus only activating used ones). The system consist on an software easy to install that integrates with most standard ticket platforms.

Hotels, restaurants and pubs


Easy to install with virtually zero cost of maintenance. Energy saving when compared to traditional systems.

Prevents structural overloads as only lightweight materials are used in our plates

Enclosure of terraces is unnecessary (although airflow blockers are recommended) as FIR technology does not warm air.

Noiseless, odorless, smokeless. Won’t be an obstacle as plates are ceiling mounted, increasing capacity utilization and rate of return.



A good muscular tone is important for Pilates and Bikhram Yoga practitioners. This can be improved by using Far Infrared (FIR) technology, because they improve blood circulation, activate immune system and help generating endorphins. All of which, summed up, amplifies the effect of exercise.

Furthermore, FIR technology by IRcomfort cleans up the air from impurities and ionizes the ambient, improving relaxation. Also, as room temperature increases homogeneously, so does comfort.

As ionizer and air purifier, FIR technology implies no extra cost. This is because ionization is a collateral effect of far infrared energy. As soon as you start to warm up the ambient, you will feel the purifying effects of far infrared, at a lower cost than traditional systems.