Food Industry


  • Warm meal tables for Hotels and Buffet restaurants.
  • Obsolete systems based on electrical resistance can be easily substituted by our FIR warm meal table, which also allows exact temperature control.


  • Designed to be implemented on those work posts where heating due to the workflow is impossible, such as factory vessels, cold naval stores or freezer vessels.
  • Our product only heats personel underneath the plaque, not affecting the freezing process, or the product itself with high enegy power saving.
  • The Infrared Emitters can be supplied by batteries.

Endothermic Chambers


  • Endothermic dry booth.
  • The endothermic dry booth works without regular air heater; intead, heat is generated and diffused inside the booth through our FIR panels placed on the walls and on the roof, with energy saving and very environmentally friendly thanks to the elimination of the heating part and the use of ventilation.
  • It can be used in renewable energy installations, as wind energy, thermosolar or photovoltaic modules can benefit of our low consumption heating systems.



  • Our system provides a solution for effluents in those companies that handle forest industry waste.
  • Also, for those greenhouses involved in forestal farming, costs and production times can be reduced.

What else?

  • Open technology to develop new applications.
  • Ask for possible solutions.