What we do

IRConfort is a Spanish company specialized in building Far Infrared Emitter, using electricity as energy in form of alternate current or direct current. Our systems are generally presented as plates, that are installed in the ceiling, emitting downwards. This position ensures maximum benefit of infrared capacities, more comfort and bigger energy savings.

How FIR works

Essentially infrared is a form of energy transportation, commonly present in nature. There are three types of IR and our equipment uses Far Infrared spectrum (FIR).

Its most common human application nowadays is the recovery of muscular injuries and following closer as a heating system. FIR propagates thermal energy, and it is absorbed by bodies immediately rising their temperature.

As a natural heater, FIR is a great unknown to the public.


Irconfort products can offer multiple and diverse applications. From heating and comfort in home, office or industrial places, to the dehydrate of fruits and vegetables at scales that vary from the home appliance to the industrial installation, with an improved resultant quality, as there is no air removing smells.

One of the most surprising uses is boosting productivity of farms, green houses and seedbeds with a significative reduction of costs, as obsolete systems based on hot air can be easily substituted by our low consumption green technology.

FIR technology used in Irconfort equipment also produces better ambients, contributing to cleaner air, thanks to the plates ionizing effect, which works always under the sun light, even when not connected.


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